Does covid affect eyes blurry vision?

It's unlikely that COVID-19 is the direct cause of fuzzy vision. However, it could result in dry eyes or conjunctivitis. Both of these eye disorders can cause blurry vision. If you have COVID-19 and experience hazy vision or other symptoms like eye pain or redness, call your eye doctor right once. Your complete field of vision may be affected by blurred vision, or only some portions. The ability to look to the right or left of your field of vision, for example, could be considered peripheral vision. Additionally, one eye can have blurry vision. If their blood sugar levels change considerably, people with diabetes may also have hazy vision. Clouded or dim visions are other terms used to describe hazy eyesight. Examples of common causes are: ·          refractive errors, such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism ·          abrasions to the cornea ·          age-related macular degeneration ·          cataracts ·          corneal opacification, or scarring